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Broc cellars syrah

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

hello all-i got a bottle of the broc cellars syrah (2005) from my Wino club shipment.  The bouquet isn’t very big but the taste is great.   Bouquet has a touch of alcohol to it, a little bit smoky, peppery with some black cherry.  The taste is better than that.  It has a little bit of bite in your mouth but a very smooth finish.  That blackcherry with slight tannins sets off the finish.  Probably even better with food. :)
Happy Birthday Linda!
Cathy and Beth

PALM Cellars Zin- has this happened to you?

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Has anyone else tried this wine?  PALM Cellars Zinfandel 2004 (Karen’s).  I think it’s $30/bottle.  Tried it tonight with some pesto chicken and broccoli.  Thought a strong zin would be a good match for the pesto.  Anyway, PALM definitely has a strong nose.  We decanted it, I thought it was very syrupy and had an alcohol taste to it.  So we decided to put it through the Vinturi.  It helped. Kinda lessoned the strong raisin like taste.  Lift the bottle to the light and there is residue coating the inside of the bottle.  Has this happened to you? The sediments cover the decanter and glasses (yes, they’re empty now).  It’s not a bad wine…we drank the whole bottle..then again I’m a Gaucho.

Ok my wine tasting notes: strong alcohol nose, fruity, syrupy flavor. Lots of grape.  Fruity finish.  Not horrible but probably wouldn’t buy it if someone gave me $30.