Sta Rita Hills

So my parents came for Labor Day weekend and I decided since my mom retired on that Friday that we’d celebrate by going wine tasting in the valley.  But this time I’d actually fork out and hire a driver.  I hired Christopher Simon  Chris is very professional and I would definitely call him and recommend him to others.  Anyway, we decide to hit the Sta Rita Hills area since I hadn’t spent that much time there.  I didn’t take any notes after trying to write everything down from Family Winemakers the weekend before.  We hit Mosby Winery which is an italian winery.  We didn’t prefer these wines…too dry and didn’t have that bold CA flavor.  The guy in the tasting room was a riot though.  They also had very cool wine labels.  Then we were off to Alma Rosa.   We weren’t too impressed with their wines but this place was on the Sideways movie.  They also have a structure in the back that is made of hay bails that has an awesome long dining room table in it for a special dinner or meeting.  Their cat, “Princess”, is overweight and there are signs everywhere that remind people not to feed her.  She’s a ham says the people working the tasting.  Next we’re hoping for something better.  We go to Lafond.  Lafond is big sister to SB Winery.  I’m hesitant but they have a real nice tasting room and wonderful woman behind the bar.  The wines were great.  $5 tasting and you get to keep a great glass.  We bought a lot of wine here.  We liked everything we tasted except the SB Winery Rose they offered off the list.  They had lesser expensive Pinot and Syrah and then more reserve type wines.  Both were good.  The lesser expensive was great for the price point and then of course the reserve had such a great taste.  Needless to say we all really enjoyed the place.  We told Chris to recommend it to others (I see he’s added it to his website).  Then we hit Sanford for the last place on Santa Rosa Road.  They have a year old tasting room where you can still smell the redwood.  It’s beautiful to drive up to and inside.  The wines so-so.  Nothing memorable and nothing that we purchased.  It’s really a nice place though and has lots of picnic tables.  By now we’re needing a snack. Luckily we packed some so Chris suggest Rusack.  So we head out there.  It’s very secluded and has a nice tasting room and a ton of tables to picnic in the shade overlooking the vineyard.  Perfect spot (Thanks Chris!).  They recommended we go picnic and send someone back for the tastings, which is what we did.  It was perfect temp and a perfect break.  We didn’t buy anything here.  The wine was good but I think we were more concentrated on the food.  I would definitely go back.  Then we decide to head over to Grand Ave, Los Olivos.  We first stop at Consilience.  Wines were good but I think our palattes are starting to be shot.  We’re more amused by the dog running around the tasting room.  Our last stop is Epiphany.  Here we enjoy everything.  We start up a list of stuff we’re going to buy and decide that we’ll join the wine club.  Is that bad that you join the wine club on your last stop? :)

Cathy- drinking some Woop Woop Shiraz 2007.  I think we got as a gift.  I like it.

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