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Under the influence of the wine label? Guilty as charged.

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Orin Swift - PapillonOh go ahead and call the wine police. I’ll confess. Have I bought under the influence of the wine label? Yes sir, officer! Guilty as charged.

But, admit it. We’ve all done it. Sure we research the vintage tasting notes, read the reviews online, keep current on the industry trends, and mine feedback on our apps. But when you’re running late for that dinner party, you’ve left your phone in the car, and there isn’t a soul to ask for a recommendation, what does it come down to? That’s right…the label.

And really, what’s wrong with that?

Chonic Cellars - Sofa King BuenoAfter all, we taste with our eyes first. We swirl the wine, pontificate its color, its brilliance, its opacity, its legs. It’s our eyes that set the stage ripe with anticipation, setting the expectations of what will soon roll over our tongue. And yet, we discard the label as unimportant, a decoration, a distraction, a rookie mistake. Isn’t the label really our first taste of the vino goodness to come? And if it isn’t, shouldn’t it be?

Still not convinced? Consider some of our favorite wine labels in the shop.

 Orin Swift PapillonOrin Swift - The PrisonerOrin Swift - Saldo

Orin Swift
Strong, bold and arresting with layers of complexity in the storytelling. From Papillon’s hands of third generation Napa Valley grape grower and winemaker Vince Tofanelli to Saldo’s striking red and white label maker label, Orin Swift’s labels offer a visual amuse bouche of what awaits inside.




Herman Story - On the Road, Nuts & Bolts, and TomboyHerman Story
Fresh and forward, saturated, and yet, balanced, Herman Story’s labels reach out and grab you without even a line of front text. It’s pure experience: lush, vivid and focused. And just when you think you’ve got the blend of vineyards figured out, it slaps you with a barrage of words and smirk on the back label.



Owen Roe - Sinister HandOwen Roe - Yakima RedOwen Roe
Conversation starter and finisher. Owen Roe visually tempts your taste buds with a master blend of historical richness and salt of the earth earnestness, all delivered with a wink and a smile. Look no further than Owen Roe’s Sinister Hand label. Ominous yet tempting, it tells the tale of a rowing race won by a competitor slicing off his hand and tossing it on shore to be the first to touch, and ultimately become king. Determined, focused, arresting…or at the very least, a great party conversation starter.

Sans Liege - ProphetessSans Liege - GroundworkSans Liege - Cotes-Du-CoastSan Liege
Tasting this Thursday (5/12) at The Wine Closet with the winemaker himself!
Seductive, enrapturing and powerful, San Liege promises an “anthology of sensory travels” from first glance. A visual feast rich with layers of emotion, temptation and longing, San Liege’s labels deliver that first bite of the forbidden bottled inside.

And with that your honor, I rest my case and give it to the jury. What wine designs have caught your eye and tempted your palate?

Davina DaVino


Chronic Cellars Dead Nuts

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

The brand new release of Chronic Cellars Dead Nuts Zin is on the shelf at $21. This is a blend of 85% Zinfandel and 15% Petite Sirah. Chronic Cellars wines are extremely popular so get yours while you can.

Chronic Cellars, Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Chronic Cellars is making awesome wine. Check it out at The Wine Closet.  We have the Sofa King Bueno, Sofa King Suite, Purple Paradise, and Stone Fox!!!!

Great Price on Mcprice Myers Cuvee Kristina & Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Great price on McPrice Myers 2007 Cuvee Kristina – $43.50

Also The Wine Closet ( has Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno for the low price of $19.99

And The Wine Closet has the Chronic Cellars Purple Paradise  for $13.00;07-Purple-Paradise/product_info.html?osCsid=aefaffe88643e9926d4a9593e7a0df4f

McPrice Myers Cuvee Kristina & Chronic Cellars Wine

Monday, September 13th, 2010

The Wine Closet ( is having a special wine of the month on the Mcprice Myers Cuvee Kristina. The sale price is $43.50.

The Wine Closet also has the new Chronic Cellars wines, check ‘em out!

Chronic Tasting & New Wines

Friday, September 10th, 2010

We had a big turn out last night for the Chronic tasting. The wine was really good. Did some small appetizers, pulled pork sandwiches, taquitos, cheese, nuts, etc. Really a fun time. We gave out some cool Chronic swag, posters & postcards.

The Wine Closet ( is getting new wines daily. Here’s the list (again):

’08 Melville Chardonay Santa Rita Hills – $25.50
’08 Melville Pinot Noir Santa Rita Hills – $33.00
’08 Melville Carries Vineyard – $48.00
’07 Stolpman Hillops Syrah – $48.00
’07 Villa Creek Avenger – $36.00
’08 Herman Story Nuts & Bolts – $36.00

Also, the Wine Closet is offering special pricing on McPrice Myers Cuvee Kristina -$43.50. Check it out!!!

Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno 2009

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

The Winecloset is doing a Chronic tasting on Thursday Sept 9th.  Come by for some great wine.

We just received in a bunch of cases of the Chronic Cellars wines. Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno $19.99.

2009 Sofa King Bueno
27% Petite Sirah
25% Syrah
20% Tempranillo
14% Grenache 10% Mourvedre 4% Tennat

Juicy fruits, bing cherries and ripe blackberries followed up by notes of toasted vanilla, cinnamon spice and clove. Consistent flavor, well-integrated fruit and delicate tannins. Mouth-filling and seductive with no hard edges

My Memories of Mammoth

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Rob, Jerry, Donna and myself took a week off from work and headed out the 395 towards Mammoth Lakes for some fun in the snow. We left on Saturday the 6th at the beginning of a big storm front – it rained about half the time we were driving and snowed lightly once above Bishop. Roads were clear of hazards (including other cars), so it was a quick trip. We checked into our little condo around 4:00ish, settled in and then hit the Vons for a weeks worth of groceries.

Our in-home menu for the week consisted of chicken tortilla soup, chicken parmasan over linguini pasta, Mexican sopas and spicy sausage stuffed portabella mushrooms.  All were delicious.

Our meals out were not as exciting…

First outing was to Burgers Burgers located across from Mammoth Village on Minaret. I’ve come here every time I’ve visited Mammoth in the past as they make good, large burgers perfect following a day on the slopes. This visit was hohum for the most part. Rob and I split the buffalo burger which was overdone and dry –  it was only saved by the grilled onions and mushrooms piled on which were quite tasty. French fries are okay, not the best – but overall, prices at Burgers is reasonable and they’re filling. They also have milk shakes (Rob had vanilla which tasted good, but was runny), and Mammoth Lakes beer on tap…which I thought was all blah except for the nut brown ale

Our 2nd outing was up the ski lift at June Lake – WOW, this is a steep climb up to the top and take about 15 minutes. Luckily it was an incredibly clear day, not a cloud in the sky. Once at the top you could see for miles, absolutely incredible. Their food at the mountain top lodge was quite good too. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with swiss cheese which came on a soft ciabatta-type roll and crispy fries. The soup special was a corn and sausage chowder and was delicious.  Not being a fan of heights, I thought the ride down the ski lift would be difficult, but it was actually easier then the climb up – could have been due to the spicy bloody mary’s I consumed during lunch, which were also very good.

Wines we enjoyed during our stay included Herman Story Grenache, Roessler Pinot Noir, Terry Hoage ‘The Hedge’ Syrah, Venge Champ de Fleurs white blend, Cannonball Cabernet Sauvignon, Chronic Cellars Sofa King Bueno, Villa Creek Willow Creek Cuvee and Barrel 27 Rhight Hand Man, Dubost Homestead Red and a lovely 20 year Tawny Port from Ferreira.

All wines were great, especially after a day playing in the snow.